The Vaasa Vintage Car Society opened the Vaasa Car and Motor Museum in 1981. Until 2008, the Museum was located on Makasiinikatu in Vaasa. In 2010, the Museum opened in new premises on Myllykatu 18. The museum premises have been renovated by volunteers.

Vaasa Car and Motor Museum strives to record the history of vehicles in Vaasa and Finland:

  • Vehicles: cars, commercial vehicles, horse-drawn carts, motorcycles, mopeds, motorised bicycles, snowmobiles and bicycles.
  • Engines: boat engines, stationary engines, aircraft engines, auxiliary engines for bicycle, electric motors…
  • Other material related to industrial and old technology: vehicle maintenance, repair and inspection material, old hardware store supplies, cameras, telephones, radios and other former home technology. Car accessories and driving school material.
  • Literature: The Vaasa Vintage Car Society has a comprehensive collection of technical publications.
  • Vehicle registration cards of the Vaasa province from 1926 to 1977, almost all of which have been digitised.
  • In running the Vaasa Car and Motor Museum, Vaasa Vintage Car Society does its utmost to fulfil its obligations as a museum by keeping the museum open to the general public, cataloguing and maintaining its collections, acquiring artefacts and material related to the Museum, organising exhibitions as well as complying with other obligations pertaining to an association maintaining a museum.